Tricia Caswell is the Director of Tricia Caswell + Associates: Sustainability Leadership and Strategy.

Currently Tricia is spending time travelling and reading about all things interesting especially the big puzzles confronting people and the planet in the 21st century.

She is involved in voluntary projects based around the environment and governance in PNG, renewable energy, family life and history, life for the ageing and truly healthy food product development.

Tricia Caswell is an internationally recognised sustainability leader with nearly 20 years experience. With an extensive professional network she has access to the best sustainability experts in Australia and around the planet.

Tricia is committed to the practical application of sustainability principles across the four dimensions: environment, economic, social/cultural and governance.

With advisory experience in mining, forestry, education and water industries and as a leading Australian advocate on sustainability issues including: climate change, water, biodiversity, education and planning.

Tricia understands the opportunities for business, governments and communities around carbon and water trading.

Tricia has a commitment to national resource management developing sustainable approaches for business.

Tricia has an up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of sustainability including government policies. This ensures she can provide sound and practical real world solutions on sustainability issues.

Tricia can get together the very best teams of sustainability experts to analyse and advise organisations on sustainability issues, with a view to providing 21st Century, practical, innovative ideas and solutions to address the extraordinary opportunities and risks that confront us all.